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Posted: July 30, 2011 in Brethren News
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Hi, and welcome! Well, Deena Remiel’s Place was a bit too small to contain all the Brethren, so I created this blog just for them! Here, you will find everything Brethren, from novella to novels and more. Please come by as often as you wish to check on the latest from the Brethren. This is a place for you, my Disciples and friends to enjoy, so make sure to subscribe today!

 To start, I’m pleased to inform you that Brethren Beginnings will be in print very soon! I’m tweaking the cover, and then it will only be a short time before you can hold it in your hands. For now, you can pick up an eBook copy at Smashwords.

Also, Trinity is now available in paperback and eBook. Relic is coming, folks! And I’m in the process of writing Elixxir.

So, there’s plenty of ANGEL around for you to enjoy! Get YOUR angel on! And remember… RISE OF THE BRETHREN is our angels’ new home!

Deena Remiel

  1. Taylor Lee says:

    Loved Brethren Beginnings. It was a joy to review. Check out my review at taylorleewrites.wordpress.com. Also at Smashwords review.

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