Street Angels

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Brethren News
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I have the coolest fans in the world! First, they decide to call themselves Disciples. Yeah, I dig that name big time. Then I create a secret group for those who have done major promoting of all things Brethren. Lo and behold, another group springs to life, and this group has the potential to reach places I cannot. They are my “street team”, a group of individuals who go about their daily lives like normal humans, but when they near a book store, a library, a group of people talking about books, they turn into… STREET ANGELS! Quickly, they whip out the promo items nestled in their bags and begin handing them out to all who will listen.

It’s quite a wondrous group, in my opinion. I mean, I’ve got Disciples across the country and world, but I certainly don’t have the means to promote heavily. So what better way to promote than to have others “planted” in those regions, spreading the good word! I love my Disciples, my Street Angels. They are an army of many where I am an army of one. I appreciate their efforts and look forward to the Brethren being introduced to more and more people.

Go, Street Angels!


  1. Nicole Hicks says:

    And we love you Deena! When you believe in an author it is easy to find ways to help support her in her endeavors! And you inspire us in our “Street Angel” ways.

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