Excerpt from Brethren Beginnings- Gabriel’s Story

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Brethren News

How about a snippet of angel for our Saturday morning? Yes, I think it goes quite fine with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. This excerpt comes from Gabriel’s story. He is a Brethren Protector, and the first to manifest on earth. It’s been a while though since he’s been back to earth, having left due to frustration over the primitive and limiting resources. But finally, technology has caught up to his needs. Before he’s settled in, a task is placed before him leading into the bowels of human trafficking  and prostitution. And now for your excerpt:

{The elevator doors seemed to take a lifetime to open, and when they finally did, they seemed to take a lifetime to close. In fact, everything seemed to slow down to him. Everything but his heart. That was racing like a hummingbird’s. He pushed the button for the third floor and stood looking at his reflection. No matter which way he turned, he couldn’t escape it, for the elevator was like a gilded box. Usually, he would close his eyes until the doors opened. It wasn’t easy to look at himself for very long. Shame would creep into his face and he’d have to turn away. But today, he looked at himself for the whole trip. He turned to face every wall, and since no one was in there with him, he said aloud, “No more. You’re better than this. That’s what Gabriel said, and that’s what you have to believe from now on.”

The doors opened, Caleb stepped out and strode down the hall with all the confidence of a… scared little boy. Just a few more steps and he’d be at “her” room. He took in a deep breath and knocked softly.

He heard the click of stilettos on the tile flooring. The door swung seductively open as she let a bare leg peek around it. Sweeping his eyes downward, he saw her slender foot enticingly wrapped in one of those stilettos. Her face peered out from behind the door and she spoke. “Madame believes you are early. Come in.” She turned and let go of the door. Had Caleb not grabbed it himself, it would have closed right in his face. He shook his head. He would not miss this shit at all.

“Sit down on the chair,” she commanded, tapping a flogger against her thigh. He remained standing.

“I said sit down, maggot!” she shrilled. Her jet black hair shivered as she lost her temper, and her delicate hands, fanning her face, belied the viciousness of her blood-red nails.

“I can’t stay, Madame. I’m afraid I won’t be… servicing you anymore. I just came up here to tell you.” Caleb clasped his hands in front of him. They were shaking so badly, he quickly moved them behind his back. Madame liked fear, fed off of it every time they were together, and he couldn’t deny that he was bone-chilling scared.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t make that kind of decision. I bought you. You’re mine until I say you’re not, dung beetle! Now strip off those nasty clothes and sit on the God damn chair!”

“No,” he said quietly, and hastily walked to the door. He reached for the handle.

“Just wait until I tell Manny what you’ve done! You’re in for some serious flaying, slave. And when he’s through with you, it’ll be Madame’s turn. You’ll be back, slave-boy. You’ll be back and regret the day you ever turned away from Madame!”

Caleb turned the handle, opened the door and closed it quietly behind him, never looking back and not saying another word. He winced as a mad shriek emanated from her room and something thudded against the door, but he kept on walking down the hall. He chose to take the stairs this time. He had a lot of pent-up, nervous energy to expend before reaching the lobby. He looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes left of his break. He went down one more flight of stairs, to the basement to the fitness room. He took off his shirt and started pounding the punching bag, imagining his fist connecting with Madame’s face and Manny’s interchangeably.

Manny was gonna find out, and he wasn’t gonna like it. Caleb paused for a minute, caught his breath, and called Gabriel….}


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