‘Tis the Season for Miracles

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Brethren News
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The holiday season is the undisputed favorite time of year for the Brethren. Much of what they do goes unnoticed as usual, and as it should be. But some of their work gets hailed over the news as miracles, and that’s just fine with them! It’s a chance for them to add to the holiday mystique.

Here are some stories that hit the news recently. See if you can match up the right Brethren team to each event. We’ve got Saviors, Warriors, and Protectors.

1) http://www.newser.com/story/135959/asu-student-survives-10-days-in-snowbound-car.html (Newser) – A student at Arizona State University survived 10 days in her snowbound car before Forest Service workers happened across her by accident, reports KSAZ-TV. Lauren Elizabeth Weinberg, 23, had only two candy bars to eat and melted snow to drink, but she’s doing fine. Weinberg set off from the Phoenix area to explore remote parts of the state but got stranded in a blizzard soon after.

“I am so thankful to be alive and warm,” she said in Flagstaff. “Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, because they worked. There were times I was afraid, but mostly I had faith I would be found.”


2)http://www.newser.com/story/135997/university-of-arizona-student-sam-schmid-stuns-doctors-by-waking-from-coma.html (Newser) – If you thought an Arizona State University student’s 10-day survival in a snowbound car was something, the University of Arizona can trump that: Student Sam Schmid woke from a coma as doctors were considering taking him off life support and hospital officials raised the topic of organ donation to his family, reports ABC News. Schmid had been unresponsive since an October car accident, and hope of recovery had all but disappeared—until the day he raised two fingers on his doctor’s command. He is now expected to make a full recovery.


3)http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/China-villagers-in-revolt-demand-dead-man-s-body-2409103.php#ixzz1hNQQuzxC BEIJING (AP) — Thousands of residents of a southern Chinese village staging a rare revolt are calling on authorities to return the body of a local representative whose death in police custody helped sparked the rebellion.

The villagers, who have driven local authorities from the area, gathered at a square outside a local temple Saturday to shout slogans calling for the return of farmland they say has been sold to developers without their consent and to urge the central government to intervene, said resident Qin Zhuan, a woman contacted by phone.

“We have been wronged,” the villagers chanted, according to Qin. “Long live the central government! Strike down corrupt officials.”

The villagers will also hold a march in the village to demand that police return the body of Xue Jinbo, a village representative who died in police custody last Sunday, she said.

  1. April London says:

    Ooo…. 1. Protector 2. Savior and 3. warrior. 😀

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