So very much! It’s been a long while since I posted here as “author”, but I thought I’d update everyone. The world of the Brethren grows ever larger. Trinity, Relic, and Brethren Beginnings are all out in ebook and paperback. Very soon, Elixxir will join the fold! 

But the Brethren stories are not done after only three novels! We need to return to the D’Angelo family. You all know that Hannah has a huge rite of passage happening when she turns 36. THAT story MUST be told, and I’m in the process of listening to her right now, feverishly writing down everything she says. Then, we have her siblings to consider. Asher and Blessing were born angels! I wonder what their roles will be in the Brethren world.

And then we have the Brethren, themselves. All of them have stories to tell. And have I even mentioned E.L. yet? You know, the enigmatic leader who pisses me off all the time. What’s HIS story? 

So many stories to tell, and they will be…

  1. Kristina H says:

    Can’t wait for all the stories you’ll write, Deens! I know every single one of them will be amazing! ❤

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