Raphael, an immortal Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip trying to get it back.  Powers be damned, he winds up enmeshed in a web of attempted murder and resurrection all thanks to a woman he’s only seen in a photograph and by chance on his hiking trail.

Serena, a young woman with a promising future, yet presently with unfulfilled dreams, is a wanted woman. Wanted for a stolen relic and its suspected healing powers, she is hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead.

Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart is the soul of Raphael’s long, lost wife. Danger lurks around every corner, as Raphael is determined to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.

Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.



VISIT ASKDAVID.COM for more about Relic – A Brethren Novel (Volume 2)


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