April 25

Dear Journal,

It’s so nice going to school and not having those horrid nightmares anymore. I’ve been making more and more friends at school since I’m not so tired and afraid. It’s kinda weird, though, going to school with mom and dad. I mean, I think they’re cool, and I’ve gotten over the fact that my principal is my dad, but some kids haven’t accepted that yet. 

I notice some kids have stayed away from me because they don’t want to come to the principal’s house to play with me. That’s okay. If they can’t accept that our school principal is my dad, that’s too bad. I have enough good friends to play with. I just wish they wouldn’t whisper to each other while they look my way. 

I can’t wait to grow up. Then I’ll have other things to occupy my time and not silly, immature girls.

Love as always,


  1. Judy says:

    No need to hurry growing up. It’ll come soon enough, Hannah. 🙂 It isn’t the quantity of the friends but the quality.

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