March 4, 2012

Dear Journal,

Spring is here, I know it! I’ve been playing outside everyday, and at school, we take extra outside recesses. I see tiny leaves growing on some of the trees around the school and my house. Asher and Blessing are getting bigger and crawling everywhere! I have to chase after them to make sure they’re safe. Being a big sister is a tough job, but I guess it’s good practice for when I get older and I have to take care of, well, the world.

Daddy and Mama mentioned something about us moving in a few years, okay, in like 10 years. Since they don’t grow old, soon it’s gonna look weird to people. Then they’ll start asking questions and that’s not good. I wonder if I’m gonna have to move a lot when I get my immortality. Well, gotta go take my bath. Write in you again soon!







  1. Judy says:

    What an interesting life you have ahead of you, Hannah. I’m so glad you take time to notice little things, like the leaves on the trees. Bless you for helping with the little ones.

  2. April London says:

    Moving will be such an exciting adventure!!!!

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